The Ultimate Case

The Ultimate case is a short feature film that was sponsored by a grant from the Arts Council of Cumberland County in 2006. The project was completed on time and largely to the satisfaction of the producers.

Since the completion of the original version, a new interpretation of the story was also created using professional actors and a more realistic setting. The final version was officially completed in the summer of 2008 and is now available for distribution. Our ultimate intention is to market this project in national film festivals.

This project is presented as a professonal and polished DVD product. It includes special features, subtitles, and comes in an attractive package. All participants in the project have recivee a copy of the final product for their own use, and are listed prominantly in the talent files.

We are now in the process of marketing this story to film festivals or other organizations. Anyone interested in helping in the promotion of Ultimate Case as an independent film would be entitled to part of any profit made from the movie. If you would like to participate in any way, please respond to our email

The Story

Evan Ehrlich was a less than successful lawyer with one major handicap in his profession - Honesty. For this reason he selected his clients with great care and rejected many. With the bills piling up and revenue low, Ehrlich needed a case. A case to challenge his skills and make a difference. But the man who mysteriously appears in his office brings more than a challenge. Now, Ehrlich must re-examine the nature of good and evil and decide whether or not to defend evil itself.

The story opens on a morning not unlike most for Ehrlich. He arrives at his law office in a crumbling old building. He finds a stack of past-due bills in his mailbox, and wonders whether or not his phone is still connected. He prepares to anjoy one of his few personal pleasures - a bright red apple - when he gets a surprise visitor.

Did Jones appear out of thin air or was he quiet enough on the creaky floorboards so as not to be noticed? In any case, he now sits facing Ehrlich with a myschevious smile. Jones is a bit vague about his purpose in Ehrlich's office, leading up to his own business by commenting on some of Ehlich's previous cases and those he turned down. Through the conversation, Jones finally admits to Ehrlich that he is the Devil. Jones is skeptical at first, but agrees to consider this for the sake of argument.

In the tradition of "My Dinner With Andrea" the conversation begins a convoluted look at what good and evil truly are and what the possible purpose of evil is. After all, what would Schindler have really been if there hadn't been a Hitler? Jones also speaks skillfuly about the mechanisms by which evil works, and insists that most of them are not under his direct control. He applauds Ehrlich as one of the few lawyers he knows of who has managed to avoid becoming greedy or jaded, in spite of Jones's efforts to corrupt him through the years.

And this is the point of the story. The Devil needs a lawyer. Jones has reasoned that the world won't go on for much longer and that he, as the sworn enemy of God will soon face a final judgement. He has decided instead to try to repent, aruing that the evil he encouraged in the world was part of God's plan and should not be held against him. He quickly adds that Ehrlich is free to establish whatever argument he sees fit. He is, after all, the lawyer.

Ehrlich, being a good and polite man doesn't refuse outright. Then, thinking about it, he draws a fresh legal pad and begins to clear his mind. Will his case win? One never knows. But he'll try.


Post Production Needs



We need a promoter or agent to help represent our work and design a promotional strategy for its introduction to film festivals, public screenings, or other distribution methods. Any ideas would be helpful.


What We Offer


Here's the hard part. We have already exhausted what little money the grant provided. Video drama is not a money-maker on the independent level. What we can offer is a copy of the program and a modest share of any profits made in distribution.

The Video So Far

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The Script

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How to Apply

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