The Project

Updated May 2011

The Project is a gothic horror tale of curiosity and consequences. It is a look into a different type of fear brought out with truly dark cinematography. We believe we have created something new here, and we hope the audience agrees.

This project has been mastered as a professional and polished Blu-Ray and DVD product, and is now in the process of being replicated. It includes special features, subtitles, and an attractive package. Those participants in the project who have provided us with information for the talent files have had that information included. All participants will receive a copy of the final product for their own use.

Currently, we are in the process of distributing this project to film festivals and other venues for display and competition. A list of entered festivals appears below. Participants will be informed of an new venues in which The Project is featured.

The Story

Is it mere curiosity? The project is so secret that nobody working on it knows the whole story, only their small part. And they aren't allowed to ask questions. Neil Fulton, however, feels the need to know. Others on the team had disappeared one by one. All were supposedly reassigned, but the details are restricted. After Grimes, his supervisor, suffers a mental breakdown, Fulton has one chance to get some answers. With a stolen access card, he ventures into the heart of the project to see what Grimes had seen. In there is the creature the chamber was designed to contain. The chamber he designed. Is it just curiosity or something darker? Why would he follow in Grimes' footsteps down the mysterious corridors when he would most likely share the same fate? On the other side of the final door is a mystery that could drive anyone insane.

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Festival news!

Skyfest Film Festival

The Project received honorable mention at the Skyfest 2011 Film and Script Festival based in Ashville. For official details, click the following link.




The Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival

The Project will be featured the Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival this summer from June 3rd through June 5th (show times to be determined) This will be at the Monroeville Convention Center. For Official Details, go to the link below



The Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival

The Project was featured at the 4th annual Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival on two venues! The first showing took place at the kickoff party on October 7th in the Lampe Theatre. The second was on the 9th, also at the Lampe Theatre.

Both venues featured a variety of films from local and regional artists. The producers of The Project got to meet some new friends, such as local artist Mitch Lasseter, who produced Long Lost Friend, and some old friends like Lee Armstrong, who acted both in our film and in Dead End Job, which received an award for best actor. The Project itself received an award for best visual effects.




Those of you who have helped to make this venture what it is have our deepest gratitude. You will also have a copy of The Project on DVD and Blu-Ray waiting for you. Please send us your address as soon as possible so that we can send along your copy as soon as they are replicated.


Awards and Competitions

Winner of the fourth annual Ava Gardner Indpeentent Film Festival award for best visual effects 2010

Honorable mention at Skyfest V Film and Script Festival in 2011